After Hours

If you have an emergency during our normal office hours, please call 215-862-2961 to let us know you are on your way.

Emergencies with Pets

We know no one prepares for an emergency, but it’s very easy to take a few simple steps to stay prepared in the event something happens. The best care you can provide your pet is maintaining stability until you can arrive at our office. Try to remember every detail to provide the doctor with the most accurate history of the events leading to your arrival. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s first aid tips for pet owners is a comprehensive guide to quickly addressing all sorts of emergencies in pets. This guide can help with the basics through severe trauma, and will give guidance until you arrive at NHVH.

After Hours

In case of emergency after hours please call

Garden State Veterinary Specialists + Emergency 732-922-0011

Blue Pearl-Levittown 215-750-7884

Blue Pearl-Langhorne 215-750-2774

NorthStar Vets 609-259-8300

AIRVET app:   https://tiny.cc/airvet4ios  or  https://tiny.cc/airvet4android

If you are looking for a specialist for your pet, please come in for an office visit and we will advise you of the best choice for your specific needs.

Information to include in your email:

1. Cat or Dog and Breed

2. Weight of animal

3. History including any symptoms and when they started (ex. vomitting, diarrhea, etc.)

Poison Control 1-888-299-2973 (Credit Card Needed!)

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